High Risk Merchant Accounts



How to know if you are a high-risk merchant?

What are High Risk Merchant Accounts?

Within the merchant service sector they class some businesses as high risk, this may mean that it is more difficult to set up an account to accept credit and debit card payments. Easipay can help your business find the right account so you can start processing card payments with a High Risk Merchant Accounts and banks.

Merchant banks can class your business as high risk for many reasons, whether this is the sector, the nature of business, the business model and the your client receives the product or service.

Here at Easipay we are experts within this industry so our advisors with be able to recognise if your business is going to be high risk and they will place you with the most suitable bank.

High Risk Merchant Accounts
If your business is listed below it is likely you are a high-risk merchant

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Understanding Your Business

Get in touch with our experts, who have a comprehensive knowledge of this sector. They will ask you questions and get an understanding of your business so we can pick the best rate and terminals for your business

Receive a Quote

Once our experts have have a good understanding of your business requirements, we will then be able to generate you a bespoke quote and solution perfect for your business needs and explaining how this will work

The Setup

We will guide you through every step of the simple application process and once this is done, we will send you everything you need whatever solution your business uses to get you started quickly and efficiently

We can help High Risk Merchants

It can be difficult for businesses within these sectors to set up a merchant service account, that is where we can help find the best High Risk Merchant Accounts.

We will give you the correct advise and find the right bank to process your payment.

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