Easipay: Going Above and Beyond to Set Up Your Business for Success

In our ongoing blog series, "Easipay Stories: Insights from Our Valued Customers,"

we delve into real-life experiences that showcase how Easipay is more than just a payment solutions provider. Today, we’ll explore a heartwarming customer testimonial that exemplifies their dedication to helping businesses thrive.

The Power of Exceptional Support: Tracey's Story

Tracey, one of our valued customers, recently shared her experience with Easipay. She had sought assistance in setting up a new card payment machine for her business. It was a significant change, and she had some concerns about the transition.

Exceptional Assistance from Fiona:

Fiona, an Easipay team member, stepped in to assist. She not only ensured that the new machine was set up seamlessly but also went the extra mile to secure excellent transaction rates for Tracey’s business. This move resulted in substantial savings compared to her previous provider.

Refunding PAYG Terminal Purchase:

What’s more, Easipay’s commitment to customer satisfaction didn’t stop there. Fiona had purchased a Pay As You Go (PAYG) terminal earlier in the year, but with her switch to Easipay, it was no longer needed. Easipay not only helped her transition but also refunded her for the terminal, demonstrating their dedication to ensuring that their customers receive the most value.

Saving Money and Providing Exceptional Service:

Tracey’s experience is a shining example of how Easipay combines cost savings with outstanding customer support. If you’re considering making a switch to save money, Fiona’s story highlights that Easipay is the provider to trust.


Easipay is more than a payment solutions provider; they are dedicated partners in your business success. The story of Tracey and her journey with Easipay showcases the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, cost savings, and going the extra mile to ensure their clients thrive.
Stay tuned for more stories in our “Easipay Stories” series, where we explore the experiences and insights of customers who have partnered with Easipay for their payment needs. If you have your own Easipay story to share, we’d love to hear from you.